Swatches of the Sephora Minnie Lip Stain Collection

I was so excited when I heard Sephora was launching a Minnie Collection! But since I’ve been saving money to travel I resisted all temptation and never bought a thing. But when my birthday came along, a couple of my friends actually read my mind and gave me the Disney Minnie Beauty: Minnie-ature Cream Lip Stain Set!

I made a quick video swatching all the colors that you can see here:


If you are interested in these cute Minnie lip stains, here’s what you need to know:

Lasting power: On the video I say that the lasting power is average, but I actually came to find that the lasting power on the darker colors are AMAZING as they really stain more than the peachy nude color. I wore the red one the other night and it was still on after I ate a whole burger and had some fries. WIN!

Sephora Disney Minnie Lip Stain


Colors: The colors are so bright and wearable. The shades are seriously perfect. I love all of them and would seriously buy any of them full size. The color payoff is amazing and even though they are bright, they are still very wearable.

Sephora Disney Minnie Lip Stain swatches


Comfort: I can wear these all night without even remembering I have them on. They are so comfortable on the lips and not dry at all.


Packaging: I love miniatures of any kind and these are no exception. Packaging is so cute and functional. Do you see the tiny Minnie Mouse charm on the red one? – sigh…heart melts-  The wand is a regular dofer applicator, which is usually my favorite anyway.


Sephora Disney Minnie Lip Stain applicator

Overall: From the amount of times I said “love” you probably figure that I quite enjoyed this collection! It was seriously love at first sight and I could not recommend this enough. I am in a serious relationship with my Minnie beauties. They’re all I’ve been wearing!


I hope you guys enjoyed!








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