Mac Shadows Now $6

MAC Cosmetics has just lowered the price of their eye shadow pans from $10 to $6 each. This is actually a permanent price change and NOT a sale. I repeat, this is not a drill sale.

Let me be clear that this price is not valid for the purchase of single shadows like the one shown below.

Mac eye shadow

The new $6 price applies to the “depotted” shadow pans that you can purchase to add to a Pro Palette, which are those empty palettes that allow you to create your own customized palette.

MAw eye shadow new

So, you would need a Pro Palette or Z Palette (Not from MAC – that you can just find online) to store your shadow pans. But once you you buy a Pro Palette, you can buy the refill shadows at just $6.

MAC pro palette empty

You can get different size palettes that hold from two ($5) to 15 ($8) shadows at the time when using the round divider inserts ($2).


They're available in a variety of colors. Pink would obviously be my choice.

They’re available in a variety of colors.
















MAC probably just dropped the prices to remain competitive and increase sales. There are several eye shadow palettes out there from a variety of amazing brands that cost less than $50 for 10 shadows or more, so to charge $10 for a single shadow can be a bit of a stretch in the super saturated makeup market. High quality competition is everywhere and the internet has made it crazy easy for people to compare prices, read reviews about other brands, see the product in action on YouTube, and purchase products online.

The two makeup power houses that can be considered MAC’s direct competition for depotted shadows are Inglot and Makeup Geek. Both brands are AMAZING and affordable. Each Inglot single shadow retails at $7 each and each makeup geek shadow is sold at $6. So, there you have it. MAC shadows were definitely overpriced at $10 a shadow when you know you can find accessible brands with comparable quality out there. I am sure MAC fans would still pay $10 to remain loyal to the brand, but overall, the $6 price tag makes much more sense!

I absolutely LOVE everything I own from MAC, especially their lipsticks. But when it comes to eye shadows, I only have two single packaged shadows, because the price was truly not inviting to me. Perhaps this will change now, LOL! I will keep you posted! Are you a MAC fan? Let me know in the comments below!











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