Is Ipsy worth it?

What is Ipsy?

It’s a subscription service created by YouTuber Michelle Phan. Each month, subscribers will receive a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. Members can watch and play along with the stylists with the same products that they are using. All for only $10 a month.

Ipsy Makeup samples

A few of the samples I’ve received. As you can see there are many full-size samples.


How do you sign up?

To subscribe all you have to do is go to and start by taking their quiz. The online quiz has 13 questions and will help Ipsy determine what kind of samples you should receive. The questions include asking about your type of skin, hair, your style, skin color and more.


Ipsy collage


My experience:

I was an Ipsy subscriber for almost a year and I really loved having something to look forward to in the mail every month. I think $10 is really affordable to get a little treat every month. Especially if you love to test out new makeup and skincare products and formulas.


The pros:

  • It’s very affordable
  • You get to try many different products every month
  • You get introduced to many new brands
  • You often receive products from your favorite brands. Even the high-end brands.
  • They often send full-size products
  • The value of the bag almost always exceeds the $10 you pay
  • You get a new small makeup bag with every order


Ipsy makeup glam bags

Some of the Ipsy bags I received when I was a subscriber.


The cons:

  • The products are supposed to be tailored to you, but I used to compare products with my friends every month and we almost always got the same kinds of products. The colors would be slightly different, but 4 out of the 5 products were usually the same or very similar.
  • I often got colors that wouldn’t match my skin color or type. I got a full-size lipstick from EM, which is Michelle Phan’s brand, that I was dying to try out, but the color  they sent was super pale and sheer so it didn’t show up on me at all. I got to see what the formula was like, but it was a wasted product. That often happened and that is what made me not renew my subscription.
  • There is no option to rule out a certain product. I am allergic to nail polish for example and often got polishes in my bags. Needless to say they were worthless to me unless they were the hypoallergenic kind. You can always re-gift or trade the ones you don’t like, though. They make perfect stocking stuffers!


Greatest sample I’ve ever got:

I got an eyeliner from Jessie’s Girl that is my FAVORITE pen eyeliner of all time. (it’s the silver product pictured on the left on the first picture I posted showing some of the samples) I had never even heard of Jessie’s Girl before, so I know I probably would have never tried this product if it wasn’t for Ipsy.


Worst sample I’ve ever got:

Anything that is a tiny sample you can get for free at Sephora was always my pet peeve. Especially the perfume ones. I mean, if I can get it for free elsewhere, then why are you counting it as a deluxe sample? But to be fair Ipsy doesn’t really send those very often. And when they do they might make up for it by sending more than one full-size product or something like that.


Would I sign up again?

I would definitely consider signing up again. I never actually cancelled my subscription. What happened was that the credit card Ipsy had on file was replaced by my bank and they could not longer debit the $10 from my account every month. They sent me a couple of notices, but I was traveling abroad when it happened so I just let the cancellation happen. I really enjoyed waiting for my mystery bag every month, though, so I would absolutely consider subscribing again.

I hope this was helpful! If you are an Ipsy subscriber, please let us know how you feel about it. Thanks for reading!








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