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One of the latest online makeup trends is having perfectly outlined, carved, dark faded brows.  The “brows on fleek” trend is spreading like wild fire and it honestly has me cringing. Wayne Goss, one of my favorite makeup artists shares my feelings on this and you can see his hilarious video here. The Instagram brows, as he calls it, are nothing but natural. They photograph beautifully and are great for the stage, but for real life… not so much.

Personally, I only like to really “carve” by brows to perfection when I am going to a fancy party or a night out event. For a daily routine I prefer to have my brows looking defined, but natural. I work in an office with very harsh artificial lighting, so drawn on full brows with sharp edges are not a flattering look there. Plus, to achieve a natural-looking brow you need some time to carefully pencil them in and ain’t nobody got time for that at 7:30 am.

On a daily basis all I do is fill in the brows a bit and blend it out. I also pluck some stray hairs and add a bit of concealer when I am able to resist the snooze button on my phone in the mornings.  So if you are with me and would like to stick to the natural brows look, here is gist on how to get them filled:

How to groom your brows


1- Pluck away a few stray hairs that are too noticeable. I highly suggest getting your brows done professionally to shape them first and then just pluck the stray hairs as they grow back. My brows aren’t too full, so I am able to keep them tamed for at least a month by just plucking a couple of times a week before I have to go back to the salon. I do not like skinny brows, so my rule is to only pluck the hairs that are obviously out of place. If in doubt, leave it.

2- Fill the brows by first brushing the hairs down and drawing a line from the top arch to the end of the brow tail. I find it much more natural to only draw on the top of the brow. My favorite pencil is the L’oreal Brow Stylist Definer that is a great affordable dupe for the Anastacia Brow Wiz. Then just fill in the middle of the brow a bit by using gentle short strokes.

3- Use the spoolie part of the Brow Stylist (or any other spoolie brush) to brush the hairs up and blend out the product.

4- Use a lighter concealer below the brow tail to hide any hairs that are peeking through the skin and give a cleaner look.

5- Blend out the concealer using a small brush like the Real Techniques Concealer brush or even with your pinky finger.

6- Apply a layer of clear mascara or clear wax like the NYX Brow Shaper and, once again, use the spoolie to brush the hairs up and finish up the look. That will ensure the hairs will stay in place all day.


You can see that the brow from the first picture and the brow from last picture do not look entirely different. I didn’t change the shape of the brow or darkened them too much. I only added a bit of depth and corrected the bald spots a bit.  This process only takes two minutes for both brows, so it’s a great way to get ready for work or school and look more put together without much effort. Now, if you are a fan of the super-hyper-duper-ultra defined brow, that’s cool too. This is just not the blog post for you, but there are plenty of other sources online for you to learn your favorite technique. Whatever makes you feel good, do it! I feel good with natural brows, but I’d also feel good in a unicorn onesie, so what do I know?

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