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I have been clearly MIA when it comes to blogging, but I love this space so much that I feel compelled to keep you in the loop. And by you, I mean my mom, who I am convinced for certain is my only reader. Just kidding.  My mom doesn’t speak English, so I am sure not even she is reading it.

But in case you found this blog and is actually interested to learn what I’ve been doing lately and what my new home looks like, here it goes:

I said goodbye to 2016 with a huge smile, because I couldn’t wait to kick that year goodbye. Highlights involved an apartment flood, a divorce, an injured wrist and zero trips to Brazil to visit my family, so you can see why my aversion to 2016 might be justified.

But 2017 brought a bunch of good stuff, including the purchase of my first home, a quick getaway trip and a visit from my mom who lives in Brazil and flew over to the U.S. to help me organize my new condo and get settled. I have basically spent all of my free time with Mom since she has arrived and that is one of the biggest reasons why I haven’t blogged in exactly one month. I work a regular 8:30am-5pm job, so I only get to see her in the evenings. However, I took five days of vacation to hang out with her and start updating my condo. Turns out, I was sick in bed for three of those days – yes, lucky me. But we did get some stuff done. We painted one of the spare bedrooms white, because the blue wall paint simply allowed no lighting to come in and made the room look like a dark cave. I had never painted anything in my life before and it was definitely way harder than they make it look in movies where the couples are cutely throwing paint at each other, laughing and taking coffee breaks. It was hard, but definitely worth it. Here’s a before and after pic:


I know the blue looks way more fun in the picture. Especially compared to the boring white, but trust me when I say this blue was way too dark for the room. It wasn’t just an accent wall, it was an entire blue-box of a room. And man… it was SO hard to cover that dark paint. So. Much. Work.

I also wanted to add a few things to the house to make it look more like home. So, my mom helped me pick a few things for the entryway and that immediately became my favorite part of the house:


She also helped me pick some wall decor for my bedroom to disguise the wall imperfections that would only be fixed if I painted the entire room again, which is not happening anytime soon. (The blue room left me a bit traumatized, so I’ll need a bit of time to gather the courage to paint again.) I took a trip to Hobby Lobby and picked out some mismatched metal and canvas pieces to give the room more personality while also hiding the previous wall flaws.


On other news, I am now actively planning my forever-dreamed-of Europe trip and I CAN’T WAIT! I am doing my best to try to get the best deals on airline tickets and use my credit card points wisely, so I’ll keep you posted if I have any tips later. But for now, feel free to drop any tips you may have for me on the comments below. I want ALL of the tips, because I have never been to Europe, so I am completely clueless. I do have Roy, who has traveled Europe for four months before, but it’s been a while, so he doesn’t have tips on the currents stuff like how to get Wi-Fi, what are the best new places to visit and stuff like that.

I can hardly contain my excitement and I really hope this dream trip comes true. Being from Brazil and only having an average of two weeks of vacation a year has been really hard on me. I always have to end up using my vacation time to visit my family and friends in Brazil, so I never get the chance to explore new places. I currently have ONE week of vacation, so… it’s basically impossible to travel far. But I am making it happen. Just hang on until the next post to learn how!

If you got to the bottom of this post, thank you so much for your support! I love writing and sharing my thoughts with you!

Thanks for reading,






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  1. Eu sou leitora assídua!!! Hehehe
    Ficou linda sua casinha amiga! Precisamos planejar pra eu ir conhecer! =)

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