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I have been doing CrossFit for about a year and a half now and there are a few things that I just can’t workout without. It took me forever to even buy my first pair of Reebok Nanos or buy anything else CrossFit related. But when I did, I truly felt a difference in performance after using these:


1- Reebok CrossFit Lifter 2.0

I bought these pink and white Lifters at the same time that I bought my Nanos when the Reebok store here in Orlando had them both hugely discounted. I paid $60 for each pair and still find the lifters a great investment. They actually have a harder bottom that help keep you stabilized during a lift. the first week I got them I hit a 2o-pound PR on my back squat, so… I’m definitely a believer.

reebok lifters pink


2- Jump rope

I purchased this off Ebay and paid less than $20 for it. My gym has the same kind of ropes, but it was kind of a pain to always have to test a bunch of them before finding a size that was a perfect fit for me. The ones at the gym are labeled small, medium and large, but the small ones used to have a huge amount of extra rope hanging after the handle in case they needed to adjust the sizes later. That really bothered me, because I was always getting whipped with it all over my body. I am already not good at jumping rope, so I figured buying an affordable one that I could size properly would help me out a little. Plus, it’s pink so… no brainer. I have tried some of the weighted ropes before actually like them. But I am not ready to spend $50+ on a rope just yet. This is a cheap and good alternative if you just want to have your own and not spend a bunch.

pink rope


3- Knee sleeve

Well, I actually don’t use this as a knee sleeve. I use it as a calf shield for rope climbs. A friend of mine bought this to wear as a knee sleeve and they ended up being too small, so she gave them to me. I am so glad that she did because these are PERFECT to protect my legs when coming down from a rope climb. I’ve gotten really bad burns in the past and they are not fun, so I just use this on top of some high socks to protect the skin and I haven’t gotten a single burn ever since.

knee sleeve


4- Wrist wraps

My right wrist has bothered me almost ever since I started CrossFit and I believe is because I work with a mouse on a daily basis, so that puts a strain on it already. Buying these wrist wraps helped tremendously! This is probably the one thing I could no longer go without using it. It got to a point that if I didn’t have my wrist wraps, I wouldn’t even attempt to go heavy on an overhead lift. I ended up having to see a doctor and taking corticoids to help heal the inflammation, so now I always try to remember to wear these even if I am doing low reps.


wrist wraps


Do you have a favorite item that you just can’t workout without? I’d love to know about it! Leave a comment below and let us know what your favorites are! Thanks for reading!









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