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I wanted to do a quick post in honor of spring to share my favorite tinted moisturizer with you! — Side note: How is it almost April already? The year just freaking started. Side note over. —  I live in Orlando, Florida and the weather here is quite warm year round. It can be very hard to find a liquid foundation that won’t melt in a couple of hours if you are primarily spending the day outside, so I often go for a tinted moisturizer and a touch of powder foundation, instead. I’ve been getting a lot of use of my foundations lately since this past winter allowed us to get milder temperatures (read 60/70s). And I LOVE that!

Foundations provide the kind of medium to full coverage that I prefer, but since I am not a fan of on-the-go touch ups, during springs and summers in Florida I often wear just a sheer layer of foundation or my favorite tinted moisturizer! I have tried quite a few drugstore brands when it comes to Tinted Moisturizers, BB creams, CC creams, but none of them truly won my heart. And if you know me, I am a sucker for drugstore options. I mean, why would you pay $50 for something you can get for $15, right?

My favorite tinted moisturizer is not from the drugstore, though. However, I still manage to get it on sale EVERY TIME! Keep reading to see how to score yours at a cheaper price!

So here is my fave: Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer SPF 18 — from theBalm Cosmetics

theBalm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer


theBalm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer8

Why is different than any other TM? First, the color is right on for me. I use the shade Light and it almost has a grayish hue to it. I know that sounds a bit weird, but it works perfectly to even out my skin tone and create a smooth base for my powder foundation. This product has SPF 18, so you do get some sun protection here. The downside is that sunscreen reflects light, so this is not a purely matte moisturizer. However, you will not be left with that oily look of when you just finished applying sunscreen either. I don’t know how they do it, but the formula is perfectly light and even though it gives you a natural glow, it’s not an unpleasant oily one. I still recommend setting the moisturizer with a bit of powder foundation for extra coverage or translucent powder for a matte finish.

theBalm Shelter pics


So, The BalmShelter retails for $25 on theBalm’s  website, but I have NEVER purchased it for the full price.  I always buy anything from the Balm from HauteLook. If you have a HauteLook account, then keep an eye out for it or just follow me on Instagram and I’ll notify you. You’re welcome. LOL.

If you don’t have HauteLook and you enjoy online shopping, you should sign up. They have amazing deals on everything. All you need is to create a free account with them. They also have a great referral system, so if you use this Link I’ll get $20 when you make your first purchase and you’ll get your link to share with friends. I’ve never actually received any rewards before, because all of my friends have a HauteLook account already. But I still think it’s a good perk.

theBalm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer7

theBalm is only usually on HauteLook every three months, so you’ll have to be a little patient, but it’ll sure be worth the wait. All theBalm products are 50% off when featured on HauteLook’s website. TIP: don’t think too much because products do sell out rather quickly. Also, you will need to be patient once again because product delivery takes about 2 weeks from time of purchase.

Let me know if you guys have any questions. I’d love to hear what your favorite tinted moisturizer is, if you have one! Especially if it’s a drugstore one. Let me know in the comments below.








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  1. Heyyyyy! How come I wasn’t aware of the tips online?!
    I love my moisturizer/bob cream from Mac! But as you said, if I can find a good one for less $ why not?! I am going to keep my eye on your “sale alert” to try it out! Thankssss! Bjao!

    • Hi Janaaa! I’ve never tried the moisturizer from Mac. I use their foundation and concealer, but never tried their moisturizer before! And…I’ve posted on my Facebook and Instagram about the blog, LOL! See you later, since I didn’t see you yesterday for leg day 🙂

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