Best Green Eye Shadows – St. Patrick’s Day Inspired

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, so I thought it would be fun to share with you the green eye shadows from my collection that I get the most use out of. Well, as much use as one can from a GREEN eye shadow, because I’m more of a neutral shadow kind of gal. I actually don’t really use eye shadow daily, because let’s be honest: I’d rather sleep a few extra minutes than wake up earlier just to work on a perfect eye look. And I already wake up early enough for work as it is (7:30 a.m. if you must know- and YES, that’s early, folks), so I don’t sport a full makeup look during the week. But I sure enjoy to go all out and play with colors, glitter and highlighters when there’s a fun occasion like St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate.

So, lucky you, I picked a few green shadows that have great color payoff and will go a long way toward getting you the perfect “Kiss me, I’m Irish” look.

This palette below, The Skull Palette, has been discontinued by Urban Decay. But if you have it in your collection, the green shadow named Vert is a light shimmery shade that is almost iridescent and would work great applied to the inner corner or all over the eye lid.IMG_4210


Here’s a swatch of Vert:



Another Urban Decay shadow, from the Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV, is called Bender and it’s a darker ashy green that works well for a softer, more wearable look.IMG_4214


I swatched all the shadows side by side, so you can compare the shades. So, going forward the swatch for each palette shown will be the one further away from my hand.



One of my favorite drugstore palettes is the Wet n Wild in Comfort Zone that retails for less than $5 for eight shadows. You can probably tell by looking at the picture below that mine has been used and abused. The shadows are incredibly soft and highly pigmented.  Each shadow on the palette is labeled with a suggestion of where you should apply it to create a look. The downfall is that they don’t have any true matte colors to use on the crease, but besides that this palette is a must buy.



The green shadow labeled “eyelid” is the one I swatched below.



This has got to be my FAVORITE Too Faced palette. These shadows are creamy and almost have a foiled look to them. The colors are rich, unique and have a great payoff.



This shadow named Lucky Charms is a medium tone shimmery green that can definitely be built up to a darker green if you apply more than one layer.


So… another Urban Decay palette. What can I say? They often have sales that I can’t pass up. The Black Palette has a deep green, Libertine, that is almost too dark to be seen as a green. And overall, this whole palette is like that. If you didn’t get your hands on this palette before it got discontinued, I wouldn’t worry about it too much because almost all of the shades are super dark and swatch very similarly to one another. But if you do have this palette, this shade is perfect to create a green smokey eye. Depending on how the shadow catches the light you can actually see more green in it, so it works better than blending with a black shadow.





Last, but not least- the matte green shadows. These are CRAZY vibrant and so fun to play with. They are all from the Coastal Scents 88 Shadow Palette and are highly pigmented as well as a great bargain.



BONUS TIP: If you prefer a neutral look then just add a touch of green by using a green liner. My fave is the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Junkie.

Urban Decay Green Liner


For a cheaper alternative, go with NYX’s Retractable Eye Liner in Aqua Green. It’s a bit more teal than green, but you can always top it with a green shadow to help set the liner and smudge out the edges.

Nyx liner in aqua green



Ok, so now that you have an idea of what shadows to look for, we are just missing some looks to get inspired by. Check out some of my favorite eye looks that you can easily recreate following the step-by-step tutorials below:

I LOVE this look by JennisseMakeup! The Lucky Charms shadow from Too Faced would be perfect for this look:


The next one is also a gorgeous look by Eimear McElheron, plus her accent is SO adorable:


If you’d prefer a softer and more wearable look, then try this one by LustreLux:

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a great time celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this week!st-paddys-day-eyeshadow





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    Thank you

    • Yay! That’s a great idea. I personally don’t wear any makeup to the gym, but I know many girls that do and manage to look GREAT. I’ll definitely add that to my list of blog post ideas! Thanks, Allen!

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