April Fitness Challenge

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A friend of mine has invited me to do a 30-day fitness challenge in April and I have accepted. The challenge starts today and I would like to invite anyone that is looking to step up their fitness game to join in! The challenge is pretty reasonable and quick to accomplish even if you haven’t been working out at all. We all have to start somewhere, right?  So here is a visual of what will be expected of you:

calendar wod


Each day you must complete one round of the exercises lined up on the calendar above. The cycle programs a rest day every eight days of work, so you’ll actually complete a 27 day workout, if that makes you feel better. You can do these at your own leisure and there is no equipment needed. I’d suggest a yoga mat or soft towel if you plan to do knee push-ups until you gain the strength to do a strict push up. If you are new to these exercises I’d like to go over the standards, so you can make sure you are getting the most out of your workouts. These should only take you 20 minutes tops to complete, so since they are very short you must make each repetition count in order to see a result after the 30 days.


Here is what you should aim for:

Sit ups– Start laying down flat and with your knees bent or legs in a butterfly position. Make sure your shoulders go past your hip on the way up every time. You can use a folded towel to support your lower back if you like. Click here for a video explanation.

Crunches– I guess there are no standards here as this is just a half movement. You’re basically just lifting your shoulders off the floor. Try to find a spot ahead of you to stare at while doing it. That helps ensure you won’t be using your neck and possibly straining it.

Squats– Start from a standing position and bend your knees to squat at or below a parallel position. If able, your goal should be to get your hips below your knees. Click here for video.

Push Ups– You should aim to touch your chest to the ground with every repetition. Do your best not to sag your hips as you do this. If you can’t do a strict push up yet, start by doing them on your knees. The same rule goes for the hips here. (Listen, there is no shame in doing them on your knees at first. It’s still better to do the full movement on your knees than a half arm bend with your legs straight. You can use a mat or soft towel underneath your knees to protect them, if you like) Click here for video.

Planks– Hold a plank position (elbows beneath your shoulders while resting on your forearms), paying attention to your core. So, don’t keep your hips too high or too low. They should be in line with your shoulders. Click here for video.


I’m excited to get this started! I suggest taking a picture of yourself today and one at the 30-day mark, so you can see the results. You don’t have to share them with anyone, but it’s a great way to see how your body responded to the challenge. Now, let’s get it started! Join our Facebook group created by Tabitha to join in the fun. It’s a place to keep you motivated and ask any question you may have!

I am planning on doing these every night right before starting my CrossFit or Aerial silk classes. I am really hoping to get a stronger core out of this 30-day challenge. So, are you joining? And what are you hoping to get out of it? Let me know on the comments below!




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